Who is MICON?

Our team of consultants with long-term work experience in the field provides full-scale economic services for all domestic and foreign economic entities. In addition to bookkeeping, it usually involves professional consultancy within crisis management, tax planning and arranging statutory and forensic audits of companies.

For our clients, we provide project management, optimise or directly implement corporate processes, build quality ICT structure and contribute significantly to the implementation of corporate information systems (Helios, Navision, SAP, warehouse management systems, implementation of bar codes, etc.)

And the most important thing is - the cooperation really works to the maximum and mutual satisfaction! …there are no system failures, deadlines are met, financial budget is not exceeded significantly, employees can adapt early to recommended changes.


We make the business simpler, assuming those responsibilities which we know a lot about and which we can guarantee.



To become a partner for our clients, with a high added value of services rendered.

MICON Finance, s.r.o.
Rybná 716/24,
110 00 Praha 1


telefon: +420 723 112 198
e-mail: info@micon.cz
web: www.micon.cz

IČ: 021 66 861, DIČ: CZ 021 66 861
č.ú. 7681818001/5500
IBAN: CZ98 5500 0000 0076 8181 8001